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Hop on Hop off Buses in Barcelona

Every major city has them – the “Hop on Hop off” Buses. Barcelona has actually two companies offering good services covering the whole city. I have no personal preferrence or recommendations to give – I believe both companies deliver a good product. You might decide based upon the itinerary they offer. When I have visitors … Continue reading

Public buses in Barcelona

Visitors to Barcelona will get around easily with the underground, the Metro. However, I will shortly mention how the bus system works in case you want to or need to catch one: The public buses have a red-white color and the name of the line is indicated in a big display listing the final destination … Continue reading

Barcelona Metro – move around as the locals do

First of all – for those who do not mind walking, this city is there to be explored by foot! However, if you are in a hurry or want to see lots of things in one day, you need to get around fast – so don’t be scared to take the Metro! In my opinion, … Continue reading

How do I get …?

You made it! Welcome to Barcelona! Or have you just purchased your flight ticket or cruise and are excited to go there? Anyways: good decision 🙂 Let me give you some orientation on how to get from your arrival point to the town. Arrival by plane: your flight will take you to the Aeropuerto del … Continue reading

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