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Hot chocolate the Spanish way – chocolate suizo at La Pallaresa

There are cold days in Barcelona, yes! Winter can be extremely cold – although temperatures might be around 4 degrees, you can feel the humid cold goes in your bones. There is a remedy for these kind of days … when your apartment won’t warm you any longer due  to the bad or non-existing isolation (like in my case) you need to do something about it! (people always talking about quality of life here – sorry but I am Austrian and for me quality of life is equal to not freeze at home, basic!)

Take a walk to bring the blood flooding in your veins again and then take a hot chocolate. The chocolate caliente that you get in Spain will not resemble what you associate with it. You will be served a thick chocolate liquid (due to some starch added that makes it more solid and thick). It is very filling and sweet! Spanish love to have churros with it. Churros are fritters that they love to eat for breakfast (yes, shocking!). You dip the fritter into the chocolate and then eat it – that simple! 🙂

La Pallaresa teasing with their sweets in the window

La Pallaresa teasing with their sweets in the window

What you see in the picture is actually a SUIZO, this is how they call it when they add sweet cream on top of it! no Calories counting if you go for that one!

LA PALLARESA in Petritxol street in the heart of the Barrio Gotico is one of the most traditional and most popular places to have the chocolate caliente or suizo. It can be difficult to get space, so either be patient until you get a seat or try DULCINEA which is nearly opposite of La Pallaresa. I personally am not very excited about the hot chocolate at La Pallaresa, since it is very dark chocolate, I like it when it has more milk added, like at the CAFE DE LA OPERA in Las Ramblas.


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