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Discover the Secrets of La Pedrera (Casa Mila)

Just 4 blocks from another Gaudi building, the Casa Batllo, you find Casa Mila. Commonly better known as La Pedrera, the owner Mila hired Gaudi to create this building after Casa Batllo had been completed. At this time, Gaudi had already made his name as an architect in Barcelona. Again he proved his genius by creating something incomparable not only in design, but also in architectural aspect. I wish architects of our generation would only study the ventilation systems and how Gaudi found solutions for the way light enters the house. We would be living in a much more environmental-friendly and healthier place! No air-conditioning would be necessary and for sure less electricity used!

Details of the roof terrace and the entrance area

Details of the roof terrace and the entrance area

What does Pedrera mean?

La Pedrera means the Quarry – people started calling it like that since its facade reminds of an immense accumulation of rocks.

Tips to visit La Pedrera

Again, buy tickets online! You can skip the line to access by buying a premium pass.

Impressions of the La Pedrera Appartment

Impressions of the La Pedrera Appartment

However, let me repeat the importance of buying online, since you never know how many people you might encounter. Especially if you are in town just for the day (cruise ship passengers), every minute will count!

Roof terrace

Roof terrace

Ticket types as per January 2015:

There are different visits – during daytime you can choose between the “ordinary” Day ticket, called “La Pedrera by day” and the Premium visit “La Pedrera by day Premium”. With approximately 7 Euros price difference, the Premium version gives you access to the same areas, however with a little more privileged treatment (access through the main door in Passeig de Gràcia, the main entrance to the building now reserved for Premium clients.) and no restrictions to date or time (you basically buy the ticket and go whatever day and time you want). Free coffee/drink included in La Pedrera Cafe 🙂

What will you get to see during your visit?

  • the Courtyards
  • the Exhibition Hall
  • the Roof Terrace
  • the Espai Gaudi museum space where you can learn a lot about Gaudi’s work and how he developped his techniques. A space with models, audiovisuals and objects. I found that area very interesting
  • the La Pedrera Appartment where you can get an idea of what it meant to live in this building.

Audioguides are included and provided in the following languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

Espai Gaudi

Espai Gaudi

“Secret La Pedrera” is a guided tour at night time (after dark). You visit the same locations except for the Appartment. At the roof terrace you will experience projections and holograms. So basically an “away from the crowds” experience.  At the end of the tour, visitors get a glass of cava. Approximate timings in winter are from 7 PM to 10:30 PM. In summer from 8:15 PM until 10:45 PM

Languages available: Catalan, Spanish, English and Russian. Other languages on request.

Roof terrace at La Pedrera

Roof terrace at La Pedrera

Did you know?

Do these chimeys/ventilation towers remind you of something? …. think of a movie …. yessss! Star Wars! It is said that the director of the movie got inspired by these soldier-like sculptures for the appearance of his characters in the famous trilogy.

Opening hours for Daytime visits as per January 2015:

3 November to 2 March.
Monday to Sunday, from 9 AM to 6.30 PM (last admission: 6 PM)

3 March to 2 November:
from 9 AM to 8 PM (last admission: 7.30 PM)


Provença, 261 – 265 Metro Diagonal (L3 Green Line and L5 Blue Line): Bus: 7,16,17, 22, 24 and V17

Buy tickets at the official webpage of La Pedrera here:


Enjoy your visit and remember to plan enough time for it! (at least 2 to 2,5 hours)

Pedrera 2_Fotor

Was this information helpful? Are you missing anything or have questions? Feel free to leave a comment!


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