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Casa Batlló – the dragon house

Inside visit at Casa Batllo

Inside visit at Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo, a modernist house designed by Antoni Gaudí, is full of surprises. Alone looking at the building from the outside will inspire your imagination: is it the back of a dragon that you see on the roof? Does the building appear to be yawning? Is the facade reminding you of the ocean? Do the balconies appear masks? There is a very nice video that you can watch and if you visit Casa Batlló you will see a shorter, adapted version of it. “El Despertar de Casa Batllo” (The Awakening of Casa Batllo). You find it here http://www.casabatllo.es/en/videos/

Again, I am not writing about details which you can find in guidebooks or which you will learn when you visit the building. Here are my tips for your visit:

Start your visit with an external view from accross the street

Go to the other side of the street at Paseo de Gracia to get a first impression of the building. It is a good way of “getting to know it” and to take a picture of the whole building.

Buy your tickets in advance

Barcelona is visited by millions of people every year, times have changed and you better get your tickets for the famous Gaudi buildings in advance to avoid standing in line (will indicate link below).

I warmly recommend using the videoguides!

I was impressed by the technology used for this interactive videoguide. It only costs approx. 3 Euros more and enhances your visit visually. http://www.casabatllo.es/en/visit/videoguide/

Otherwise, the Audioguides are very informative as well and available in several languages. They are included in the ticket.

Find information about accessibility here http://www.casabatllo.es/en/visit/accessibility/

What is the Fast Pass for?

You can buy your tickets online which will avoid that you have to get in line for purchasing the tickets (that is usually a long line, where you might be waiting for half an hour or longer. Then, technically, there is a line to get into the museum. I never had to wait in that line, it always moved fast since the queue at the ticket booth already controls the access to the museum. If you want to make 100% sure that you don’t have to wait in line for getting in, you have the option to buy the Fast Pass which gives you instant access. I would think that comes in handy on busy days such as Easter and if you are really, really short of time.

Give yourself at least 1,5 hours for the visit, even better 2 hours.

This building reveals so much to its visitors and all the impressions have to be assimilated. Dedicate time to your Casa Batllo Visit!

Casa Batllo



There is a nice Souvenir shop within the building, at the end of the visit. It is NOT accessible for non-visitors though! You can buy all sorts of books about Barcelona and Gaudi, postcards, Gaudi Souvenirs, etc.

Buy your tickets here


And enjoy!

Casa Batllo 3


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