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Pastelería Mauri – tradition and quality since 1929

Every time I have visitors coming I have a good reason to go and get some cake at MAURI! Why Mauri? A huge selection of “pasteles” (cakes), small sandwiches, chocolates and sweets – of course all made with the best ingredients to guarantee a savoury experience. I only go for the best! Life is too short to eat cheap stuff 😉

You will observe fine ladies having their coffee there … I admit it is a posh place, but why not getting to know the places where the wealthy Catalans go? It is located right at the corner of Rambla de Catalunya (not to be confused with Las Ramblas, OK?) and c/. Provenca. That is at the same height as “La Pedrera” – you just walk one block towards the Rambla Catalunya and there you go, to your right.

Either you stop by for a lunch (they also offer meals), for a snack or indulge in the pastry. Once you sit down and order your drinks, the waiter will hand you a card which you will use to choose your pastry. You can check out the amazing choice and will have a hard time NOT to order less than two cakes .. hahaha I speak out of experience. You will then pay at the cashier next to the exit, showing your card (how modern, right?)



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